August 3, 2021

INKR Raises $3.1 Mn In Pre-Series A Round Led By Monk's Hill Ventures

INKR, the digital comics platform, on Thursday, announced a new round of Pre-Series A funding of $3.1 million led by Monk’s Hill Ventures. Investor Stu Levy, founder and chief executive officer, TokyoPop also participated in the round.

The funding will be used to increase its content catalog, further expand its product development and marketing to grow its user base, and for talent acquisition.

“Comics have the power to transport us to entirely new worlds, teach enduring values, and nurture our imagination. We believe that everyone should be able to read any comic even if they do not know the language. In reality, not everyone can enjoy comics easily and officially due to the prohibitively high cost of localization and complex licensing process for content creators and publishers. So we want to change that,” said Ken Luong, chief executive officer, and co-founder, INKR.

The platform comprises of INKR Comics App for Readers, INKR for Publishers, INKR Localize

Ken, Hieu, and Khoa’s sheer passion and fanaticism for making comics universal has translated into a company and suite of products that is transforming the entire industry and will completely change how comics are localized, distributed, and consumed worldwide. Its proprietary AI-driven platform is addressing pain points for creators and publishers who need to go digital and global - localizing for many languages quickly and cost-effectively while also helping them improve reach and readership through analytics and intelligent personalized feeds. We look forward to partnering with them to quelch the huge demand for translated comics globally,” added Justin Nguyen, partner, Monk’s Hill Ventures.

Today, INKR currently works with over 70 leading comic publishers and creators including Image Comics, Kodansha USA, Kuaikan, Mr. Blue, TokyoPop. Using INKR proprietary technology, any reader can have access to any of our over 800 comics on any device and localized to any language. Content creators and publishers are also able to share their content at speed and are more cost-effective.