September 3, 2021

Blockchain Technology enables Dubai Police to provide certificates against lost passports swiftly

The Dubai Police have enabled a groundbreaking new strategy incorporated in their services: providing certificates against lost passports through blockchain technology. The biggest benefit, it's a quicker process. Recipients only need to go through 3 steps instead of the previous 8.

This year, Dubai Police have so far issued 3,991 certificates against lost passports.

The Director of the Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police, Brigadier Khalid Al Razooqi, mentioned that technology helps connect Dubai Police with Dubai Courts, Dubai Public Prosecution and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs that helps cut the time taken to register a case for lost passport. “Usually, it takes four days to get a certificate issued against a lost passport, but the new service enables customers to get these certificates faster in three steps rather than eight,” Brig Al Razooqi said.

“Unlike the previous service — that required applicants to visit each of the participating entities, before being able to obtain the certificate after four working days — the blockchain-enabled service issues the certificate on email without the need to visit any of the service points physically,” was also explained by Al Razooqi.

You can either browse the Dubai Police website, the Dubai Police smart app or visit a Smart Police Station (SPS) in Dubai to apply for a lost passport certificate.