September 5, 2021

Transit Flight ban lifted for countries including Pakistan & India

Thursday, the 5th of August 2021 is a day for every potential traveler to mark, especially if residing in Asia.

Why? Because that is the day the UAE will be lifting the ban on transit flights including from Pakistan and India, according to the NCEMA (National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority). A transit flight is the opposite of a direct flight, it is when an individual must go through two or more flights to arrive at their chosen destination. 

As per 2018, the Pakistani expatriate community comprises 1.21 million people, and 3.42 million people belonging to the Indian expatriate community.

India and Pakistan play major roles in terms of import and export, tourism and the employment sector in the United Arab Emirates.

Previously, the United Arab Emirates had banned passengers from Africa and South Asia from arriving at any of the airports across the 7 cities due to the rising cases of the pandemic.

Announced on its official twitter account, NCEMA shared how passengers traveling from countries that were earlier facing a ban would be able to transit through its airports as long as a valid PCR coronavirus test would have a negative result and should be taken 72 hours prior to departure.

Another prerequisite for being able to take advantage of the ban lift is by having a final destination approval by the relevant authorities.

Successful individuals will be located in a separate lounge at the airport, dedicated to transit passengers.