September 6, 2021

Further ease for businesses in the UAE since the pandemic

The severe effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in the UAE since 2019 affected businesses in many ways.
From lockdown to quarantine, both consumers and businesses were hit hard in terms of access.

The good news is that business conditions, specifically in the non-oil sector, have risen sharply over the past few months due largely to easing of pandemic restriction laws. Furthering this economic boom is continued stability among UAE businesses with the Purchasing Managers’ Index compiled by IHS Markit. Results showed 54 being recorded on July's index compared with 52.2 reported back in June remaining well above 50. A score above 50 is always appreciated and interpreted as a sign of growth.

Although the UAE was greeted with this positive result of business growth, there are many parts of the world that are facing drop in business sales and exports due to lockdown restrictions.