September 28, 2021

Dubai Safari Park Open For Public

3000 animals subdivided by:

  • 78 species of mammals
  • 10 unique species of carnivores
  • 50 unique species of reptiles
  • 111 types of birds, invertebrates and amphibians

These impressive numbers above are related to the Dubai Safari Park, which opened its doors to the public since 27th September 2021.

Image source: Facebook

Established in December 2017, this outdoor landmark is a source of joy and learning for all age groups.

Over the years the Dubai Safari Park has upgraded its facilities with many additions such as:

  • Behind the scenes experience
    This is a unique chance for animal lovers to see up close how animals live in their habitat and exhibit various types of behavior. It is offered under the careful supervision of the designated animal enclosure caretaker.
  • Addition of new animals
    Mona monkey, Squirrel monkey, Arabian wolf and Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon.
  • Leopard exhibition
  • A bird show
  • Expansion of Arab wolves habitat area
    The area has been expanded by 10,000 sqm and renovated with local fauna, imitations of sand dunes and water that resemble the natural habitat.
Image source: Facebook

To know more about timings, ticketing procedures and events happening at the Dubai Safari Park, visit