October 5, 2021

How one pumpkin seed created a business

25 years ago, Halloween celebrations, and some pumpkin seeds.

Little did Chris Hoggard, owner of Howe Bridge Farm in Malton, North Yorkshire, think that a casual pumpkin harvesting would turn into a business.

Over the years not only did his pumpkin production, but so did the demand from the community. Hoggard eventually opened doors to welcome passionate individuals to visit from all over the United Kingdom.

Pumpkins have an importance presence in the United Kingdom for many reasons apart from Halloween celebrations. A pumpkin is a cost-effective nutritious vegetable grown in abundance. There are thousands of ways to consume pumpkins, with recipes covering all types of meals and drinks. A famous example of pumpkin consumption is during winters by adding a pumpkin as a prime ingredient for soups.

A glimpse of what the process looks like from farm to shelf is as follows: Pumpkin picking commences. Once picked, they are cut so the stalks dry as desired. Curing occurs next. When curing is complete the pumpkins are transferred to a field for sale.

So next time you decide to plant a fruit or vegetable, keep the bigger picture in mind of how it can turn into an impressive source of revenue.