October 5, 2021

UAE Football fans are in for a surprise with capacity increase

Covid-19 had turned out as a bitter after-taste in the air by resulting in restrictions and lock downs. Public areas were either sealed or introduced to settle with a certain capacity limit.

The United Arab Emirates is known for being home to football lovers from all over the world and with the pandemic restrictions it has never been the same. Stadium capacity downsizing led to football fans being upset and the stadium facing losses by not being able to accommodate as much as they could.

The UAE Football Association announced the positive news of increasing the spectator limit from 60% to 80%. The 20% shift is to allow more football fans to revive their passionate support for the sport activity.

Although the positive announcement was shared, for a swift experience only vaccinated individuals will be allowed to enter the premises.

Image source: Unsplash

The increase in spectators visiting the football stadium is tailored toward the preparation for Thursday’s World Cup qualifying match against Iran. The match will take place at the Zabeel Stadium in Dubai.

Following the match on Thursday, the UAE will have a match with Iraq. The match will occur at the Zabeel Stadium in Dubai on October 12.

The eye on the prize is to win. Two teams who beat the odds till the end will have the chance to be a part of the World Cup in 2022.