October 11, 2021

$10 million in prizes announced by HRH Sheikh Hamdan

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has announced awarding grand prizes of up to $10 million toward the most creative and innovative solutions tailored for the future.

The new initiative was announced to be part of Dubai Future Solutions. Dubai Future Solutions is a global initiative dedicated toward bringing forth solutions for the future.

In this new scheme a series of challenges will bring together scientists, designers, inventors, educational institutions, organizations and startups from the globe to develop unmatched answers and techniques for bettering people’s lives.

“Dubai always has been and continues to be a place that nurtures innovation, and we seek to constantly explore ways to further enhance the Emirate's position on the global innovation map.” was said by HRH The Crown Prince.

Image source: Unsplash

“The world of technology and innovation is growing at a tremendous speed, and we want to be among the pioneers of future industries. We are always ready to leverage new opportunities and deal with any challenges that the evolving world of technology may bring.” was also said by HRH The Crown Prince.

It is an interesting process of how this competition will be carried out. The first step is registration after which teams competing must qualify for round 1. Once the teams pass round 1, the top 3 solution providers will be selected for round 2. This is where 1 team will be selected to win.

It is clearly stated to win the idea generated must be industry-disruptive, scalable, affordable, dependable, specific and timely.