October 12, 2021

Conservation efforts made to save falcons from electrocution

Falcons play an important role as part of the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Known for being the national bird of the United Arab Emirates, the falcon is represented in various national emblems and also used for hunting activities for many generations. Till today, the falcon is prized for its value in hunting, flying and beauty.

Image source: Unsplash

Established in April 2018, The Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund has come up with an initiative toward a certain problem coming in the way of the welfare for the falcons. The issue is many falcons unfortunately face electrocution due to power line issues and shocks. The fund decided to curb this issue by initiating conservation and restoration projects dedicated to the falcons. The first project dedicated to this cause has started in Mongolia. Mongolia is a country known for being home to 56 species of birds of prey. The Saker falcon, the national bird of Mongolia, is one of the first types of falcons the fund is dedicated to working with to protect from electrocution.