November 1, 2021

Tiramisu legend and creator, Ado Campeol, passes away

Once that started as a staple in every Italian restaurant and home, but now a favorite for everyone around the world, tiramisu is a dessert like no other. It surely has given our taste buds a ''pick me up'' as the word tiramisu means when translated to English.

The legend behind creating this patent-free taste bud devouring dessert, Ado Campeol has passed away at the age of 93 years old.

The story behind how the grand dessert tiramisu came to existence is merely a beautiful accident! It all started when it was decided to make some vanilla ice-cream but fate had a different way of changing the outcome. Not so ''accidentally'' mascarpone cheese was dropped in an existing bowl of sugar and eggs. Noticing the concoction actually turned out to taste great, Alba, Campeol's wife was notified.

The pleasant ''accident'' was welcomed with the recipe being complemented with coffee-dipped lady finger biscuits and finally garnished with cocoa powder. Behold, the tiramisu was born!

Ado Campeol owned a restaurant along with his wife, Le Beccherie, located in Treviso, northern Italy. The restaurant is famous for the ''accidental'' blessing of the best place where tiramisu was born!