November 6, 2021

6 month stay at space comes to an end - 4 astronauts to return to earth

NASA recently announced 4 astronauts will be making their way back to and reaching planet earth by Monday after spending 6 months in space. The departure will take place from the International Space Station.

The 4 astronauts returning back to earth are part of the Crew-2 mission, an operational flight on a Crew Dragon spacecraft and the third orbital flight related to the Commercial Crew program.

The 4 members belong to France, Japan and the USA. 

Source: Twitter

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet conveyed his thoughts reflecting how he felt in space on Friday at a press conference from the space station “As we’re preparing to leave, it’s kind of a bittersweet feeling, we might never come back to see the ISS, and it’s really a magical place.”