November 8, 2021

Dubai Design Week - 8-13th November 2021

Dubai is known for hosting various local and international events. Being part of the last quarter of the year, November, such a time is part of gearing up for fun and community driven events. Dubai Design Week is one of them.

Dubai Design Week is a yearly 6 day creative festival, showcasing Dubai as a leader in the design sector and design capital of the Middle East.

Commencing on the 8th of November 2021, the event has already gained major attention from all age groups, primarily the youth.

Image source: Facebook

A fantastic event means fantastic opportunities. The Dubai Design Week even has its own app on iOS and Android and encourages everyone to download it so they can avail exclusive benefits to further enjoy the event.

Some perks of downloading the Dubai Design Week app are as follows:

  • Free access pass to Downtown Design
  • Be notified about any changes or additions in the event
  • Make a personalised schedule for yourself to manage your time and interests at the event
  • Leverage the interactive map functionality so you can truly have an unbeatable experience

There are 250+ activities free of cost all age groups can participate in. Workshops, exhibitions, interviews, and discussions will be part of this engaging 6 day session.

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