November 10, 2021

Report: 4 Crucial Changes Online Education Providers Must Make to End 2024 Strong

Online training & education providers are at a crucial stage to end the year strong.

As we enter the summer of 2024, founders have to step up their game big time. It has been a strange year so far with lots of uncertainty.

Wars, financial struggles and brand bans have made it a lot harder to run the business smoothly.

Especially if your goal is to grow (with profits). Which is the case for most businesses.

The top three things that worry founders right now are:

- How to handle the increasing cost of acquisition
- What is AI going to do with my business
- Can I still grow profitably

We talked with Manno Notermans- A revenue expert in the field who runs Think Orion, an education growth agency.

He shares 4 actions you can take today to end the year strong.

His insights come from working with 500+ online training and education providers globally. Think Orion also runs one of the biggest online education newsletters in the region.

Let's dive right into it.

1. Create an Offer for Cold Traffic

To attract new (cold) learners you have to see them differently than your other audiences. It's key to create specific offers for this audience group.

If you want to turn a stranger into a learner you have to grab their attention. Add value to their life and make them take action.

Simplicity wins the game here. Stay away from complicated sales funnels and keep it simple at the start.

A simple funnel looks like this:

> Sales Video (perceived as value)
> No Brainer Offer (low priced)
> Offer Bumps
> Upsells

Your core product can be sold with email marketing or within your LMS.

Being able to turn strangers into buyers is a superpower that almost none of your competitors is able to do.

Now lets move to the next one...

2. Increase AOV (Average Order Value)

Most educators sell a single product. You are missing out on an opportunity to add 10-30% on every product sold.

A percentage of buyers is primed to buy more from you. You can think of more courses, templates, or a coaching call.

While your buyers are going through the process of purchasing you want to help them. Give them them options to buy more from you and get more value out of the engagement.

If you are able to increase your AOV you will be able to pay more to get a new learner. And if you can pay more you can push more marketing budget as well.

The educator who can pay the most to get a new learner usually wins the market...

3. Tell stories with video

Everyone loves a good story! Use storytelling to make your marketing more engaging.

Video is still new for most companies. Doing video storytelling the right away can make a huge difference.

You can use video in the following ways

> Have learners tell about their transformations
> Share expertise about the core problem you solve
> Entertain, educate, inform
> Video sales letters

There is a lot of science behind success with video. Studying the top creators can make a huge different for you.

4. On-Platform Pre-Selling

Most educators are very focused on getting people to click to their website.

Most social platforms want to keep their users on the platform and reward this.

Most users want to stay on the platform as they were there for a reason.

Most educators want to get them off the platform as quickly as possible.

This is conflicting.

A better way for educators is to keep your users on the platform with engaging videos that tell your story.

Don't try get instant action but focus on getting them informed and in buying mode.

If you make this adjustments you will see the following:

> CPMs go down
> More informed audiences on your website
> Higher CTR%
> Happier buyers (because they know what they bought)

It would surprise you how little educators do this.

And how much you can win with this.

Implementing these four things will make a big huge difference.

That is the reason the million dollar (self-funded) online educators are doing it.

As educators, you want to be profitable on day one and not spend $$$$$ and hopefully make it back in a few months.

Have fun implementing and turning your 2024 around. We would love to hear your stories about it.


If you want to chat with Manno about this you can find him on LinkedIn or through the Think Orion website.

He also shares daily insights on his LinkedIn.