November 29, 2021

Canada's climate change efforts require attention

Climate change has been a source of worry and destruction for countries all over the world. The level of worry and action taken to combat climate change vary according to how each country is being affected by it.

Canada's environmental watchdog says the Liberal government is not doing enough to address climate change.

Since 2015 Trudeau’s government has been in power and mentioned an interest and desire to reduce emissions by a minimum of 40% by 2030. The Trudeau government also highlighted to make Canada carbon-neutral by 2050.

Jerry DeMarco,Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, expressed his views by saying "Over the past 30 years, Canada has gone from being a climate leader to falling behind other developed countries despite recent efforts,".

In addition British Columbia faced severe floods this month, which some experts found as a reason link with climate change. The floods resulted in killing at least four people and washed away railways and roads.